2013 Newsletters

  • December:  Market Update, He Knows who’s Naught and Nice, A Holiday Wish
  • November:  Market Update, Economic Indicators, 100 Years of the Fed, Things are better than you think
  • October: Market Update, Tapering Tease (Extended Discussion), Evening with Nassim Taleb, Musical Delights
  • September:  Market Update, Housing Fundamentals, Employment, Stock Market Math Part 2
  • August: Market Reality, The Fed and Equities, Employment Recovery, Simple Stock Market Math
  • July:  Volatility Returns, Carry Trade Unwinds, Range Bound Investing
  • June:  Home Prices, Manufacturing, Debt Debauchery, Markets & the Fed, Banks Demystified Part II
  • May:  Where’s the Boogey Man? Stock Markets, Eurozone, Banks Demystified
  • April:  Then and Now–A Comparative Review, GDP Growth Rates, Corporate Earnings, Employment, Interest Rates and National, Debt, Market Volumes and, Lessons from M&A
  • March:  Cyprus, Employment, Making Sense of it All
  • February:  U.S. Economy, Eurozone, Federal Reserve, Your Money
  • January:  Global Economy, Stock Market, Bond Market, New Estate and Gift Tax Laws


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