2012 Newsletters

  • December:  Fiscal Cliff, Manufacturing, Unemployment, Consumer Spending, The Fed Energizer Bunny, Housing, 2013 Outlook
  • November:  Uncertainty Rules, Fiscal Cliff, Housing, Consumer Credit
  • October:  Policy Uncertainty, Unemployment, Household Income, GDP, Oil, Quantitative Easing, Greece, Money Supply, Inflation & Deflation
  • September:  Crank Up Those Presses, The Divorce, Corporate Cash Levels, Housing Continues to Improve
  • August:  Domestic Economy, Employment, Household Wealth, Housing, The Markets
  • July: Domestic Economy, Domestic Markets, Housing, Jobs, Earnings and Income, Earnings Season, Eurozone, Stocks vs. Bonds
  • June:  The Markets, Recent Headlines, Domestic Economy, Employment, Europe, Global Roundup
  • May: Global Economy,Domestic Economy, Eurozone, Financial Sector
  • April: Global Economy, Quantitative Easing, Monetary Policy and Inflation
  • March: Domestic Economy, Headwinds, Global Overview, Market Trends and Investment Flows
  • February: US Economy, Europe, Eyes on Iran, Swimsuit Indicator
  • January: Eurozone Rating Cuts, Greek Drama Intensifies, European Solvency Bomb, Volatility on the Rise, Don’t Believe the Hype, Don’t Trust Wall Street

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