2011 Newsletters

  • December :  A Year in Review
  • November:  Timing Matters, Mixed US Economy, Europe on the Ropes
  • October:  Volatility and Uncertainty, Slowing US Economy, European Default
  • September:  The Quest for Truth, Equity Market Review, Economy Slowing or Contracting, Global Slowing, Titanic Across the Pond, Rabbit in that Hat?
  • August:  The Markets, Debt Ceiling and the S&P Downgrade, Domestic Economy, Inflation, Eurozone Drama Continues, Australasian Markets
  • July:  Major Warning Signs, The National Debt, Employment, New Businesses, Eurozone Debt Continues to Worsen, Housing, Emerging Markets and the 3D Hurricane
  • May/June: Global Slowdown, Sovereign Debt and a Reduction in the Fiscal Stimulus, Uncertainty Reigns, Market Reponse, Domestic Economy
  • April:  The Economy, Domestic Markets, Employment, Housing, Consumer Credit
  • March:  The Economy, Domestic Markets, Employment, Housing, Inflation, Quantitative Easing, Monetary Policy and Inflation
  • February:  The Economy, Domestic Markets, Emerging Markets, Employment, Credit and Debt, Weather v. Climate, National Debt
  • January:  The Economy, The Stock Market, Taxes, Employment, Commercial Credit, Housing, Auto Sales, Manufacturing, Europe, China


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