As a client of Meritas, our team works with you at the outset of our relationship to fully understand your objectives and concerns, so that we can recommend a personalized portfolio that best fits your goals.  We update your investment plan and your target portfolio as needed in order to adjust to changes in your personal situation over time.  In addition, we suggest improvements to your portfolio both to adapt to evolving market conditions and to take advantage of better investment opportunities as they emerge.

Depending on your goals and needs, your portfolio will be optimized along a spectrum ranging from capital preservation to growth-oriented strategies.  Additional qualitative and quantitative inputs that we factor into your customized plan include your trust and estate requirements, time horizon, liquidity requirements, personal preferences, tax situation, and tolerance for risk.

For most clients, we see a beneficial role for using a blend of both active and passive management in your portfolio.  We use active management for three main purposes, reduced volatility, access to rare talent, and access to additional sources of investment returns.  We will often suggest index funds and exchange-traded funds for a portion of your portfolio to achieve low-cost exposure to global and domestic markets.

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