Our Process

  • We believe the vast majority of long-term returns are derived from asset allocation decisions.
  • One of the most fundamental relationships in investing is risk/reward.  The higher the risk, as measured by volatility or the standard deviation of historical returns, the higher the potential for both loss and reward.  For example, as an asset class, stocks have a higher risk of producing short term losses, and a corresponding higher long term reward potential, than investment grade bonds.  We design portfolios that fit your risk tolerance so that your portfolio matches your specific goals and preferences, while consistently maintaining a focus on risk management.
  • After gathering qualitative and quantitative information from you about your personal situation and objectives, the next step in constructing your portfolio is to use robust modeling software as a starting point to recommend an appropriate asset allocation to best meet your needs.  We fine tune your asset allocation with additional qualitative data that we have gathered from you.  In addition, typically we incorporate specialty funds in our portfolios to access alternative asset classes such as long/short equity and fixed income, multi-asset, and currencies.
  • We generate an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for you covering key factors such as a statement of your objectives; your proposed asset allocation; your risk tolerance; our monitoring, reporting, review and rebalancing commitments to you; our investment selection criteria; and our IPS revision policy.
  • Included in the presentation of your plan, we deliver: a proposed portfolio summary, an Action Plan which covers implementation, and research on the investments in your recommended portfolio.
  • We invite you to comment on and question your IPS, your suggested asset allocation and your proposed portfolio and we are open to revising your overall plan until you are completely satisfied.

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